Friday, September 25, 2009

Jspx Bay!

Jspx as a name is very catchy. The time we chose this name, there were already  many other technologies using the name.
  1. Oracle ADF files.
  2. Java Server Documents.
    Some people also notice the familiarity between jspx and aspx from, given that aspx as an extension to the ASP.NET pages was chosen to describe the evolution in the old ASP pages.

    Despite aspx is an extension, jspx is the name for the whole technology, jspx also does not impose using specific extension you HTML files unlike ASP.NET.

    Many similarities also can be found to different existing frameworks like JSF, Clay, Wickt and of course JSP. What makes it very unique that jspx combines different features and advantages our of these technologies. Also it removes many disadvantages found.

    Well, this makes sense for the name, but did u notice the official website url it contains a suffix BAY that is distinguishing the name from other projects.

    The suffix itself stands for the three founder of the framework. Commonly the most used name is JSPX