Tuesday, October 6, 2009

jspx build 1.0.9

Jspx Build 1.0.9 has been released. The release notes of the build as following:

What is new in jspx 1.0.9?
JSPX build 1.0.9 comes with new feature and bug fixes. JSPX build 1.0.9 is presenting two very important features (Decency Injection, and SQL Injection prevention).
Along with more features and fixes.

Build 1.0.9 vs. 1.0.7
New Features:
1.    Support OnSubmit event in the form.
2.    Supporting dispatching while using ajax
3.    Using Dependency Injection to declare webcontrols in the page controller.
4.    AllowedRoles on the level of page.
5.    Resource Bundle returns the Key if it was not found.
6.    Internal Carriage in the page for shared Data.
7.    SQL Injection prevention using owasp.esapi http://www.aspectsecurity.com.

Bugs Fixed:
1.    Fixing bug with on click in the link command.
2.    Fixing bug with collapse panel.

Known Issues:
    1- Ajax validation is not working with auto refresh feature, so if the content of auto refreshing panel has a validation group, the validation will be true always.
    2- DataTabel should have PK, if not the edit and delete feature will apply to all records.
    3- Portlet pages cannot post back correctly.

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