Monday, February 8, 2010

How Difficult would it be for a plugin?

Have you searched for jspx on google?
You may encounter the jspx Wikipedia page on the first or the second hit.

In this page, the limitation section is mentioning the absence of IDE support for JSPX as a major obstacle. I agree.

Jspx is developed and used on Eclipse. However, there is no support for JSPX on Eclipse. We had been thinking of this since a lot. But we never come to find a time or a resource to do that support.

During our preparation for JDC 2010 the question jumped again. When will we see an eclipse plug-in for jspx?

We started making the plug-in!!! but will be any help from the community?
We are not looking from something very powerful, just a way to do the following

  1. Validate the XHTML of jspx tags and attributes (We already have XSD)
  2. Link the HTML Editor to the Java controller. 
  3. Optionally creates back-end controls for any selected HTML element on the HTML page.

We are not sure if we can manage to have something solid before JDC 2010 but we are on the road.

any ideas?


  1. Really I am very interested in such a plug-in.
    When I used JSPX in some project before, I was missing a simple Eclipse plug-in (I was about to start on an eclipse plug-in , but for some reasons I didn't start on).

    The most basic and important point is to have a new JSPX page in the new dialog, and once you enter a name for the new page, two components get created for you; the Page and the PageController.

    I am ready to join the team.
    you can contact me at


  2. Hi Mohamed, it very nice from you to offer that.
    I am trying to start with somthing very simple as you said.

    I will try to put the project on source forge to work on it together.

  3. I am ready to join it.
    Thanks for your trust.